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Why you need to plan for back up care

Your child care provider has an emergency… the school boiler just burst… your child is mildly ill. Whatever the reason, you have to work and have a need for backup care.
Backup Child Care
Even the best planned child care arrangements can be disrupted from time to time. Without emergency care, more commonly known as backup care, working parents may be forced to stay home or bring their child to work with them. By planning ahead and knowing your options, you can be prepared to meet the unexpected. 
Work Considerations
For two parent families, the best place to begin is to talk with your spouse or partner ahead of time about your individual work schedules. Decide who can stay home and when. Be sure you know your time-off options at work so you will be ready when your child is under the weather or an emergency arises. 
Your Child Is Ill 
Children inevitably get sick and for working parents these illnesses can cause great difficulty. It can be tough to judge if your child is too ill to attend your regular child care program. Ask yourself if your child can participate comfortably and whether his needs will not interfere with the care of the other children. Be familiar with your child care program's policies on illness. Do not pressure your caregivers to take your sick child as it is their responsibility to maintain a healthy environment for all the children enrolled. 
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Green Room Schedule
Red Room Schedule
Kids Club summer program only
Orange Room Schedule
Blue Room Schedule
Center Happenings  and Reminders
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Green Room Schedule: Toddler 2

6:30-7:15           Arrival
7:30-8:00           Table activities
8:00-8:30           Diaper changes
8:30-8:50           Snack 
8:50-9:10           Group time 
9:15-10:00         Small Group activities (work areas)
10:00-10:15       Clean up 
10:15-10:45        Outdoor time
10:45-11:20        Diaper changes, Bathroom, Cleanup, Story time
11:20-11:50        Lunch
11:50-12:00        Prepare for nap
12:00-2:00         Rest time 
2:00-2:30           Table activities
2:30-2:45          Snack 
2:45-3:30          Work areas (small group activities)
3:30-4:15          Outdoor time
4:15-5:00          Diapers, Toilet, Hand washing, Small group activity
5:00-5:30          Departure


 Red Room Schedule - Pre-school

6:30-8:00            Arrival 
8:00-8:20            Table activities
8:20-8:30            Clean up/ Bathroom
8:30-8:45            Snack
8:45-9:05            Morning meeting 
9:05-9:25            Group activity
9:25-9:55            Work areas
9:55-10:10             Cleanup / Bathroom
10:15-11:05        Outside time 
11:05-11:15        Mats ( for rest time)
11:15-11:30        Music and Movement
11:30-11:50        Lunch time 
11:50-12:00        Clean up 
12:00-1:45         Rest time
1:45-2:00           Table activities
2:00-2:10               Clean up / Bathroom
2:10-2:25           Snack time 
2:25-3:05           Work areas
3:05-3:15           Clean up / Prepare for outside
3:15-4:15           Outside time 
4:15-5:00           Table activities
5:00-5:30           Departure 



Orange Room Schedule: Pre K/ Kindergarten

6:30-7:45           Arrival / Table activities
7:45-8:00           Clean up / wash hands
8:00-8:45           Snack / Bathroom / Prepare for outside 
8:45-9:30               Outside time 
9:45-10:00         Morning Meeting
10:00-10:30       Prek/ K small group (Language arts & Math, Journals)
10:30-11:00       Open work centers
11:00-11:20       Clean up and Story time 
11:20-11:30       Rest time set up 
11:30-11:50       Lunch 
11:50-12:00       Bathroom / Wash hands
12:00-1:15         Rest time 
1:15-2:00           PreK / K small group cont. (science & journals)
2:00-2:30           Snack 
2:30-3:30          Outside time 
3:30-4:30          Open work centers
4:30-5:00          Table activities 
5:00-5:30          Departure.             


Blue Room Schedule -  Infant / Toddler 1

6:30-8:00        Free play 
8:00-8:30        Diaper changes / Hand washing 
8:30-9:00        Morning snack 
9:00-9:45        Outside time (toddlers)
9:45-10:45          Circle time / Morning activity 
10:45-11:00         Diaper Changes / Hand washing
11:00-11:30         Lunch 
11:30-1:45           Rest time 
1:45-2:00            Quiet activities / Diaper changes
2:00-2:30        Snack 
2:30-2:45        Prepare to go outside (toddlers)
2:45-3:30           Outside time (toddlers)
3:30-4:30           Inside free play 
4:30-5:30           Departures



Center Happenings 

4/1TYLC Easter Egg Hunt

4/12            Registration for Kids Club summer program begins

4/26            Public School Vacation Week

5/7          Spring Picture Day

5/9              Mother's Day

5/31            Closed- Memorial Day

6/11            Pre-K/Kindergarten Graduation

6/20   Father's Day

6/28            Kids Club Summer Program Begins

7/5              Closed- Independence Day

7/19            Pre-k/Kindergarten Registration Begins

8/20            Kids Club Summer Program Last Day

9/6 Closed- Labor Day

9/13   Grandparent's Day Celebration

Kids Club- School Age ( During school year)

6:30-7:45        Arrival / Morning snack 
7:45-8:15        Departure for School
2:30-2:45        Arrival from school / Prepare for outside activitiy
2:45-3:30        Outside activity
3:30-3:45        Group Meeting 
3:45-4:45        Snack / Homework / Work areas / Club activities
4:45-5:15        Small group / Table activities
5:15-5:30        Departure


Glimpse at our day

Ever wonder what your child's normal day may look like? Here is your chance to get an idea of what your child may be doing at any point of the day while at Tender Years Childcare.