Our Philosophy

It is the philosophy of Tender Years Childcare that early childhood should be a time of fun warmth, security, exploring and discovery. Preschool children are creative and receptive; the staff strives to nurture and encourage these qualities in the children who attend. 

Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development, as a whole from the age of six weeks through twelve years. 

Planned within the framework of philosophy and purpose, Tender Year's Curriculum includes: 

* sharing and conversation time; 

* stories, songs and finger plays; 

* creative art activities and crafts; 

* food preparation; 

* field trips and class visitors; 

* science and nature activities; 

* exposure to shapes,colors, numbers and letters; 

* and celebration of birthdays and holidays. 

About Us
Tender Years Childcare & Learning Center
Celebrating over 30 years of caring for children "through the tender years"

What makes us a quality Program?

Because the center has a child centered rather than an adult-directed program. The program is based on sound principle of child development and early childhood education. The significance of child-centeredness is that the children, and their development and individual needs, provide the basis for planning the daily program, for scheduling, and for the content of the curriculum. 

1.The status of the individual child's growth and development based on development assessment. 

2.The general development level of each group of children, and the individual interests of the children in each age group. 

3.The materials and equipment available in the classroom and available community resources. 

4.The season of the year, upcoming holidays and special events, and their significance to the children and their families. 

5.The mood of the children on a given day and the activity level during various seasons and at different times of the day. 

6. Our staff are trained and educated in Early Childhood Education and constantly strive to maintain the excellence of our programs through continued education and self studies.

7.We work hard at keeping that bridge from home to school open and accessable.  

8.We make business decisions based on the impact of the children in our programs and their families.
We are proud of our programs and it shows through the hard work of 
our dedicated staff.